Mission and vision

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The mission of the P&P Group is to establish, finance, and manage investments. The starting point of the mission is to provide quality management and enhance its competitive abilities.

The P&P Group fulfills the expectations of its owners, partners, and employees by pursuing responsible, professional development-orientated and environmentally friendly long-term management of investments.


The P&P Group wants to become a leading international company in select investment activities. Investment management is guided by assuming reasonable commercial risks if returns on investment are suitably high, stable, and sustainable.

The P&P Group vision is the development and growth of strategic capital investments based on adjusting to market changes through the development of new technologies in fields such as special application electronics, aviation, marine engineering, boat construction, and electronics manufacture. The vision includes real estate development and management, commercial construction and yacht and aircraft charters.

The P&P Group meets the expectations of its customers by using trusted experts to choose select investments that are a step ahead of the market. The P&P Group creates investment trends through its global investments.

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