Environmental Responsibility

Environmental concern is an integral part of the business management and organizational culture of the P&P Group. Environmentally responsible behavior is incorporated into its daily operations, even though P&P Group activity does not have a major impact on the environment. The P&P Group has adopted the environmental management system of ISO 14001: 2004.

The P&P Group seeks to minimize the negative effects its products and services might have on the local environment and give special attention to non-renewable resources. It actively participates in improving the environment. Protecting the environment includes preserving natural resources through re-use, recycling, waste processing and reduction of all types of waste and emissionsai??i??particularly if they are hazardous.

The P&P Group has a responsible attitude towards the environment in all areas of its operations. These include the development of products and services, purchase of materials, and the selection of subcontractors and partners involved in the various phases of the business process.

The P&P Group is taking responsibility for preventing and reacting to potential negative effects its operations might have on the buy wellbutrin without a perscrition. natural environment. It seeks to rectify situations expeditiously and address situations on a local level.

The P&P Group offers local communities proposals for implementing programs to improve the environment through cleanup and environmental protection. buy gabapentin no presctiption.

The group encourages its employees to initiate and participate in such actions. The P&P Group spreads awareness of responsible environmental management among its employees, business partners and other how to control dry cough from coversyl. companies operating in the community.

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