The P&P Group believes that satisfied, capable, skilled, motivated employees are key to achieving common goals. The P&P Group encourages an innovative and creative work environment. It encourages the creation of social networks in which individuals and their contributions are respected, regardless of their status, position, or responsibilities. There are equal employment opportunities for all social groups.

Leadership is an art whose aim it is to create an environment that encourages and inspires people to feel a thrill for their work and give the most of themselves. (Kets de Vries)

The P&P Group provides its employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to be motivated to carry out Group strategy. Including human resources in the decision making process achieves the strategic advantages of the P&P Group with the help of its most important resource – its people.

At the P&P Group, employees are evaluated in several ways such as work analysis, performance, and task and objective achievement measurement.
Evaluations are made using standard quality, quantity, and absolute methods. The results of these evaluations show that P&P employees are motivated, highly trained team players who are appropriately rewarded for their achievements.

At the P&P Group, we provide IT support for human resource management combined with information technology to simplify decision-making and assist completion of complex projects.
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