The P&P Group has developed a dynamic and creative environment for new and perspective employees. We are looking for ambitious and talented people willing to develop their skills and talents for achieving common goals.

We are a flexible and competitive company that can focus on the individual needs of potential candidates to find common opportunities for cooperation and career development.

The P&P group gives priority to domestic hiring to meet the employment needs of the local community.
If you think you are up to the challenge, if you want to realize your creativity in pursuit of common goals and want to join a successful team, we invite you to call us. We can agree on a meeting and explore job opportunities.

Specific employment questions can be sent by clicking here.

Jobs open:

The new P&P Group electronic development team:

electronic engineers, hardware designers, hardware developers, embedded software programmers, pcb designers welcome to join us.

Flavors – natural organic products from the heart of Europe

Export / import of food and beverages – assistants welcome to join us.


Yacht master up to 500BT / car driver welcome to join us.

For all above listed jobs please send your CV’s and other related data including a photo of yourself to: Ai??



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