Career development

Karierni Razvoj
P&P Group has developed an effective system of staff development that is consistent with the objectives and strategies of the company. It focuses on the development of competencies that are important for the successful implementation of a specific job. One of the important tasks of the Group of P&P is developing its people in order to maximize their independence and competence.

Employee development is conducted, brand levitra without prescription. planned, and structured in line with the objectives of the company. There is a personal development section that links the acquisition of appropriate and specific workplace skills.

The career development section relates to broader skills acquisition, including job training and education needed to acquire or build upon a vocational education.

Development priorities are set in the development plan of the P&P ciprofloksacin medication. Group and in cooperation with employees. Upon successful completion of individual development and training programs, participants may progress to more demanding positions that better suit their newly acquired skills.

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