Business Excellence

The main characteristic of the P&P group is excellence in business. It is constantly striving to improve the business of the companies in the group. It adapts to changes in the business environment and causes changes itself. The P&P group is marked by excellence in the economic field and it supports its social responsibilities through its business.

The P&P group achieves excellent results with customers, employees, and group companies. Effective leadership is shown levothyroxine 100 mcg buy. by the employees and partners that drive policies and strategies.

P&P Group leadership has a clear vision about development, goals and quality that reflect its long-term business objectives. The P&P Group fulfills its vision, mission, forms strategies, and plans based on market information about the expected needs of its customers, employees, and partners. is canadian viagra safe. Policies and strategies complement and improve each other.

The P&P Group uses the talents of its employees to fulfill the needs of the companies. It makes sure that human resources development plans are compatible with policies, strategies, employee hiring management, and career development. The Partnership and Resources Group of P&P include the management of external partnerships, finance, buildings, materials, technology, information, and knowledge. By identifying key partners, the Group P&P creates opportunities for strategic partnerships. The purpose of creating P&P Group partnerships is to increase the value added chain.

The P&P Group manages and improves processes that create increased value for customers and partner companies. The P&P Group is concerned with measuring perceptions and activity indicators, noting satisfaction levels for all the employees in the company. It reviews company activities that affect the wider community and environment in which they operate. It monitors and analyzes financial results (gross profit, net profit, sales) and desi viagra 100mg. non-financial results (market share, new product introduction time).

The P&P Group ensures the effective operation of its companiesai??i??a prerequisite for excellence and success in business. The P&P Group has established a comprehensive quality management system, verified by ISO 9001: 2008 quality standards.

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