About us

The P&P Group is a modern European family owned company in Slovenia that invests in carefully selected businesses.

The P&P Group focuses capital and human resources in activities that are commercially interesting and have long-term perspective. The P&P Group business policy is based on the principal of diversified risks and is focused on seven key activities:

- development of new technologies in electronics, aviation, maritime and agriculture
- electronics production
- real estate development and management
- yacht and aircraft charters
- boat development and production
- accounting, logistical, and administrative services.

The core values guiding the P&P Group are innovation, creativity, professionalism, employee motivation, and protection of the environment. Company management is based on a combination of traditional, proven methods and modern corporate techniques based on social and environmental responsibility.


Very Slender Rib – Special Applications is the innovative design specialist and builder of special purpose ribs for rough seas and difficult conditions.

Piran Bay

We offer and manage real estate for tourism development at the Soline Nature Park in Secovlje, Slovenia

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